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The Deepening Meetings were created by the guidance that came from the Space of Grace with the purpose of helping those who have received the Brain Crystal Activation to deepen into their light, to activate fully their light potential, and to enter more consciously and gracefully into the reality that our Mother Earth is giving birth to now.

Keep in mind that many people who attended the Brain Crystal Activation sessions may not need the Deepening Meetings because receiving one or more of the seven activations may be enough to cultivate and live into the pure light they are. Others may need assistance with, benefit from, or simply enjoy moving these spirit light codes through their body-mind in a more guided way.

A prerequisite for attending the Deepening Meetings is to have gone through the first seven Brain Crystal Activation sessions, either live with Omprakash and Sarah, or through the online recordings.


  • The Deepening Meetings provide a space so that the specific qualities of your individual spirit can be much more deeply activated.

  • You will be held in a safe space during your evolution to homo luminous, not only during the meetings, but throughout the entire deepening process.

  • You will be personally held in a specific sphere of light which will nourish and strengthen your spirit.

  • You will also be held in the larger group sphere to strengthen and nourish the Space of Grace and collective light codes that we all have received during the first seven Brain Crystal Activation sessions and that we are also holding, tending to and nurturing as part of the deepening work. 

  • You will receive a conscious connection to your personal and individual light guide and guardian who will support you during the process and your everyday evolution. The guide can be thought of as a more evolved and unborn aspect of your spirit which is in absolute communion with the Space of Grace.

  • You will have ample time to ask questions and receive help on the path of deepening and embodiment.

There are two ways to experience Deepening Meetings: Small Group Support for 4-8 people with Omprakash, or, Customized Support for 2-4 people with Sarah. 


Small Group Support with Omprakash 

The small group support is a structured approach to deepening the light codes of your spirit. Each small group will have 4-8 participants whose spirits share a similar vibrational code. The small group meetings are divided into 3 phases. Each phase contains 6 additional activation sessions.

The first phase is about establishing a stable connection with the Space of Grace and the new reality of our Mother Earth. You will be:

  1. activating more specific and subtle qualities of your light;

  2. opening the pathways for your light to be extended into your daily life;

  3. cleansing deeper layers of your being that have been occupied by the personality and the pain body;

  4. getting access to the design of your spirit;

  5. decoding your spirit’s way of being and purpose in life; and 

  6. making your first steps into a meaningful, graceful life path which is a reflection of our true being.

The second phase is about activating the original blueprint of your spirit and aligning your subtle bodies, your chakras, your energy system, your subtle dimensions and realities with the light of our spirit. You will:

  1. remove subtle unseen parasites, negative imprints, karmic relations and programs which have been interfering and distorting your purpose, your life and your position in your life;

  2. be given the opportunity to recreate yourself as you are meant to be; and

  3. activate the subtle energetic spaces which determine your evolution and fulfillment.

The third phase is about grounding and embodying fully the light of your spirit and living consciously as a light being in a human experience in a graceful reality. You will:

  1. be able to recalibrate your nervous system and your whole body-mind to your pure spirit;

  2. be given the opportunity to cut the cords to the subtle ways that the suffering of the matrix has connected and influenced your reality;

  3. be able to recognize, embrace and transcend the shadow self and the collective pain body; and 

  4. learn to fully connect the body-mind system to the reality of grace of our Mother Earth.

The three phases are not a must-do. Some individuals may be called to only do the first phase, others may want to participate in phase 2 or phase 3 as well. However, one cannot move to the second and the third phase of the small group without completing all six sessions of the previous phase.

Customized Support with Sarah

The Customized Support with Sarah is an organic approach to the power of your soul. Each small group will have 2-4 participants. The Customized Support lasts a minimum of 3 months and can extend indefinitely, depending on the guidance of the soul group participating.

The Customized Support option is most suitable for individuals who already have gone through some form of purification or deep inner learning process in their previous life experiences. Whether it be Deepening Meetings with Omprakash, a formal Medicine Wheel process, energy medicine training, teacher training or therapist certifications (for example physical therapy, counseling, yoga, massage, acupuncture etc.). In this way, you can go much, much deeper into living your life as the pure soul you are.

While your spirit is your pure energy dispersed through all dimensions and realities that cannot be touched, harmed or dimmed and therefore remains the same eternally and through all lifetimes, soul is always in transformation.​​.. and therefore also always needs tending.

Soul surrounds and infuses your physical body as well as your mind, while it also holds the drop of your spirit inside intakt and alive while you are a human kind. Soul is one of the most powerful Cosmic reference points in time-space that draws to it in each moment exactly what you are vibrating, so you can purify this space, this time, this earth, this life.

Every soul is completely unique. Depending on where the light codes of your spirit settled after the first 7 activations (i.e., in the mind, heart or belly space), it interacts with -and functions through- the body-mind differently. Someone who's codes landed in the belly space needs an embodied and earthly approach to deepening the light codes, while someone who's codes settled in the heart space may need a lunar or feminine approach and another, who's codes landed in the mind space may need a solar or masculine approach. This is true for men and women alike. 

In addition:

  • The planetary and collective time-space your spirit chose to incarnate or inhabit affects -and demands- from your mind something specific and unique.

  • The physical elements you inhabit (your matter, your body) draw out specific aspects to be worked with at any given moment in time.

Therefore, Customized Support is for groups from 2-4 who's codes settled into a similar "space" after the first Activation sessions. In this way, each soul can be uniquely, safely, appropriately and individually guided as part of the deepening process, and it can be supported by similar souls in the group.

Navigating the power of your soul responsibly and impeccably, authentically and with integrity means being able to be the mediating force between your unique body, mind and spirit through love and joy for the purpose of contributing to communities and ecosystems that are healthy, healed, whole, as well as symbiotically and harmoniously thriving with all other life forms. 

This is the focus of the Customized deepening meetings, so that each soul can be a truthful expression of their healthy earth (body), healed state (mind), and pure light (spirit) in this life, at this time, moving through each moment organically and naturally for each individual uniquely, while staying fully present, integrated and alive in life, choosing consciously to be animated through the forces of love and joy while tending to the manifested purification, strengthening, growing and blooming process that is called life.


The best way is to get in touch directly with either Omprakash or Sarah. We will then be able to reach out to you with more information on our respective offerings that each have been guided by Existence from Above. For those who prefer individual support, you can book Private Sessions also.

If you are not sure whether Small Groups with Omprakash or Customized Support with Sarah is best for you, know that the two are not mutually exclusive. It all depends on what your spirit is guiding you to do from love, joy and grace for your soul in life at this time... after the first seven online activation sessions, you already have a solid connection with your spirit, so simply ask your spirit and go with that! 

Keep in mind that everything is always available directly from Existence. You don't need us or any other intermediary to connect with the Space of Grace or Existence. We were simply guided from Existence to offer these activations at this time, and to assist others on the path of deepening into their own light.

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